At BAFOSITSE (PTY) Ltd in collaboration with Marena Consulting (PTY) Ltd provides an integrated management consulting services that include creating well-balanced strategies to maximise business value, competitiveness and viability.

Lubrication System is the integration of properly selected technologies and maintenance methodologies into a production process to yield the highest efficiency at the lowest cost. Our system covers a wide range of filtration products, advanced technologies, and services to improve system operation and increase productivity.

Our services amongst others includes OIL CLEANLINESS AUDITS (360 Oil Analyses) A cleanliness audit can uncover contamination problems and their detrimental effects. By sampling at various locations throughout the process, we collect, quantify and identify solid and liquid contaminants to determine their origin and provide you with recommendations for corrective action

Leveraging of the Wholesale License in our partnership/collaboration Bafositse has access to providing the following products:

• Diesel
500PPM and 50PPM diesel at
below wholesale prices,
minimum quantities apply. 

• Petrol

All grades of petrol available.
Lead Replacement (LRP),
Unleaded Petrol (ULP 93 and

• Engine Oils

Engine oils for older engines,
newer engines and high
mileage engines 
• Compressor Oils

These oils are intended
primarily for use in oil flooded
vane and screw type rotary
compressors. Recommended
for both static and mobile units.

• Hydraulic Oils

Anti-wear hydraulic fluids for
heavy industrial hydraulic
systems. These oils provide
outstanding pump and
component life, system
cleanliness, oxidation stability,
demulsibility as well as Engine Oils

• Rock Drill Oils

High viscosity index oils with
anti-wear and anti-corrosion
additives. These oils have good
resistance to water wash and
maintains excellent lubrication.

• Neat Working Metal Oils

Suitable for old and newer
machinery. These oils are
formulated to give improved
tool life, reduced deposit, and
are less likely to smoke.

• Gear Oils

These Automotive and
Industrial gear oils are made
from superior quality high
viscosity index base oils. These
oils have anti-wear, anti-foam
and high oxidation stability


Bafositse (PTY) Ltd provides a sourcing service whereby we supply products, equipment and consumables to various sectors including public sector and state owned entities (SOE).
• Consumables
• Tools, Equipment and machinery
• Containers (Storage, Office, Refrigeration, Ablution, Accommodation etc)
• Materials (Building etc)
• Other


BAFOSITSE (PTY) LTD is focusing on rendering its services and products (Solutions) to the following business sectors:

• Public Sector
• Private Sector
• Transport Sector (Rail, Road, Air, Sea etc)
• Financial Services Sector
• Energy Sector
• Petroleum, Oil, Gas Sectors
• Mining Sector
• Telecommunications Sector


Our Skills

ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES (Environmental friendly and energy efficient solutions)

GENERAL CONTRACTORS (Building Construction and upgrade works)

CIVIL CONTRACTORS (Road Construction & Maintenance)


ENERGY GENERATION (Products and Services)

ENGINEERING (Consulting)

MINING SOLUTIONS (Products and Services)

OIL, GAS AND PETROCHEMICALS (Products and Services)

Contact Details

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Registration No : 2014/095663/07
Corporate TAX No : 9618986161
CRS Number : 10043193
Electrical Contractor No : IE 29340
Incorporation Date : 06/05/2014
SARS Import Export Code : 21504191

Physical Address:
249 Basden Avenue
Crystal Park One – Block J
Littleton, Centurion
Pretoria 0157

Postal Address: 
Postnet Suite 557
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Pretoria 0047



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