Mining & Energy Generation

Mining & Energy Generation

At BAFOSITSE (PTY) Ltd we strive to assure successful BOT of Energy generation projects by leveraging off the strengths of our people, resources and collaborations with our partners.
3.1 Smart Micro Grid Systems Based on Conventional and Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Power Supply

3.2 Biogas Systems

Biogas is produced by means of controlled anaerobic digestion treatment of organic materials by bacteria. Biogas plants consist of hermetically sealed digesters equipped with a feedstock supply system, heating system, mixing devices, biological canalization, air, gas and electric systems.

Biogas can be produced from different types of waste and especially dedicated biomass energy crops.

Farm wastes
• Pig manure
• Cow manure
• Poultry dung
• Chicken dung

Food industry wastes
• Sugar beet press pulp
• Distillery wastewater
• Beer grain
• Starch pulp
• Milk whey
• Fruit and vegetable juice press pulp

Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes
3.3 Coal Mines

At BAFOSITSE (PTY) Ltd we do not own mines nor operate mines but we offer a variety of consulting services and coal mining solutions ranging from coal washing technologies to safe mining products.



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