Environmental Technologies

Environmental Technologies


“Sustainable Energy for all” Bafositse Environmental Technologies provides an innovative and informed mechanical, electrical and public health services consultants who specialize in providing energy efficient and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of corporate, public sector and private clients.
With the recent explosion in the requirement for renewable energy solutions to provide varying percentage reductions in CO2 or Energy by local authorities, Bafositse Green can provide the following and more:

1.1 Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions
1.1.1 Mobile Portable Solution

Bafositse Green is an importer, exporter, assembler and distributor (Sole Distributorship) of Bright Solar lights in South Africa from Bright (Norway). Our mission is to turning the world on through smart, simple and sustainable power solutions. Our product range covers most of the general domestic and commercial lighting, with a particular emphasis on the contemporary. Being an assembly manufacturer we are able to offer the customer options and flexibility.

We currently sell and distribute our products to lighting shops and independent electrical wholesalers, Corporates, Government, and State owned enterprises have a modest nationwide presence though our planned reseller ship program.

1.1.2 Solar Home Solution

Solar power systems provide convenient energy that is clean and renewable. With the right portable solar power system, you are only limited by your imagination. Bafositse provides professional-quality products and reliable service.

Choosing the right solar power kit depends on your required wattage, adaptors and accessories you need, and how much you’re looking to spend.

1.2 LED (Light Emitting Diodes) is the chosen technology for light

The markets for the high intensive LED lamps are divided into two segments – replacements and new developments. The replacement market is accelerating fast because of the fast moving innovation in LED technology. The new construction of roads, parking lots, shopping centres and industrial facilities are moving towards using LED for lighting – energy saving, maintenance savings, human factors, environmental friendly etc. and not the least the resent regulatory legislation demands usage of LED in general instead of old technology. LED is superior to old technology as far as transforming energy to light rather than wasting energy to heat.

Bafositse Environmental Technology in collaboration with LumX AS are on a mission to design, develop, manufacture and sell lamps for ATEX certified products and industrial lamps, i.e. street, high tower, tunnel, parking lots and industrial facilities based on Light Emitting Diodes (LED) technology. LED is the light for the future – higher quality, saves energy, and reduces maintenance and environment friendly.

We are targeting the following types of projects:
• Warehouses for frozen food
• Warehouse for regular storage
• Offshore project
• Shopping Centres, food chains
• Industrial lighting: parking lots, bridge lighting, construction facility buildings
• Street lighting
• Houses
• High Tower / mast; 20-40m
• Outdoor / indoor sporting arenas

1.3 Water purification Solutions

Water for human consumption is the most valuable resource on earth, also the sparsest resource and is quickly becoming the most dangerous resource on earth. More importantly, do we know what has been in your water? Just because water comes out of a tap, or looks crystal clear in that fresh mountain stream, it doesn’t mean that it’s free of bacteria or organic material that can do you harm.

Contaminated water now kills more human beings than any other disease in the world. 8000 Children is dying every day (2011 UN Report), due to contaminated water. If we at Bafositse Environmental Technologies can contribute in saving the lives of 2.92 million children per year, then we will gladly embark on the quest to do so. We are taking action to stop this disaster, by taking the safest point-of-use water purification method currently available, into the Africa continent.

Bafositse Environmental Technologies produces an advanced water purification product (Instant Water) currently available for ‘point-of-use’ applications. This is the only non-toxic, non-poisonous, “point-of-use” water purification product in the world. INSTANT WATER was designed to save lives and Bafositse aims to deliver this product to every country in Africa, plagued by contaminated water, in a continuous effort to save lives.

INSTANT WATER is not affected by photodecomposition, temperature and aeration. Therefore uncovered reservoirs or poorly designed reservoirs, where turbulence is caused, will not affect the reserve residuals of INSTANT WATER.

INSTANT WATER is the commercial packaged version of the baseline Instant Water product and adapted for specific applications whereby a singular sachet (3.5 gram) will disinfect approximately 25 liters of contaminated water.

1.4 Waste Management Solutions

Responsible waste management is a growing concern worldwide. While landfilling is becoming increasingly difficult due to legislation or lack of space, the global community is moving towards resource recovery. This is why at Bafositse, we are very proud to offer comprehensive solutions to reduce pollution and to promote sustainable development.

WASTE, REFUSE, GARBAGE, all words used to describe materials that we just don’t need any more. Advanced waste management practices through the 3Rs (reduction, re-use and recycling) have reduced the amount of waste that we as a society need to ”make go away”. However, we have deemed acceptable to bury our garbage or simply burn it, in both cases just amplifying the damage we are causing to our planet.

Our team of innovators has said NO to this paradigm. NO to creating a toxic soup at the bottom of a landfill; NO to emitting greenhouse gases from fermenting waste in dumps, NO to the generation of bio accumulating, deadly dioxins from waste burning, NO to the statement: “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.”

Through innovation, collaboration and partnerships, Bafositse provides a developed suite of highly advanced, yet easy-to-operate processes which integrates well with the 3Rs, but which maximizes the energy and/or resource recovery from a vast range of waste streams generated by municipalities or by industry.

Our team of technology professionals have integrated flexibility and versatility into the PRRS platform, giving it the ability to both process virtually any form of waste, and to generate clean energy and marketable construction materials, completely eliminating the need for landfill.

Features & Benefits of the PRRS include:

• Available in capacities ranging from 1 to 100 metric tons per day per module
• Processes a wide variety of wastes (MSW, hazardous, biomedical, etc.), transforming it to electricity, steam, hot water, and/or liquid fuels
• Inorganic waste feed transformed to an inert, non-toxic glassy slag, a building material for construction
• A one-stop, waste-to-energy solution for remote communities
• Reliable, easy-to-operate and maintain with minimal manpower requirements

The Water Barrow (Water Wheelbarrow) is a 100L enclosed container mounted onto the traditional wheelbarrow steel frame. It is designed such that the user may man-oeuvre the unit without exerting too much pressure on the head, neck, shoulders and spine as per traditional head-loading method. A proudly African product, it is made from virgin plastic and high-quality galvanised plastic wheel that can withstand different rural terrains.


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